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Our Speciality Meats

At McLoughlins we pride ourselves on offering speciality meats prepared to the highest standards using the best of traditional and modern butchering methods. We are butchers in the true sense of the word, with our own curing, aging, smoking and cooking facilities.

A Flavour of Our Speciality Meats

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Haggis is synonymous with Scotland and celebrating Burns night on January 25th and St. Andrews day November 30th in particular.
At McLoughlins we use a traditional Haggis recipe of lamb, oatmeal and spices. The taste is so wonderful that it is used all year around in some trendy restaurants as an accompaniment to starters and main courses such as venison.

We call our pastrami Smoked Corned Beef – because it’s Irish! And there is no corned beef like Irish corned beef! We have just added an extra layer or two for complexity to our corned beef to create a truly memorable product. We choose cuts of beef from our own cattle, we smoke then, salt them, spice them, and then cook them over night in a slow slow oven to give a truly intense and complex flavoured product.

This is a product that has proven very popular with sandwich makers in Dublin.
The briskets are trimmed of excess fat and then cold smoked for 5-6 hours. The are ready for slow cooking by the chef. A lot of commercial ‘smoked meats’ have merely been sprayed with a liquid smoke flavour that sticks to the surface… not ours!!

Our cooked ham tastes and looks different to the big commercial ham makers because of the slow process and the small batch mentality at McLoughlins.
We don’t worry about ‘yield maximization’ and ‘cooking turnaround time’… our focus is on flavour intensity which usually only comes with slow slow production methods. Our hams are produced from pigs that are reared in Donard, in Co. Wicklow… our traceability has a name and face… not a number!

Spiced Corned Beef is another variation on the traditional corned beef recipe. Cork people think they ‘own it’ but the best Spice Beef is made in Dublin… we just don’t talk about it so much!
Traditionally associated with Christmas it is eaten all year around now and is our traditional corned beef with a deep crust of dark spices rubbed into it.

Using the trimming of the pigs that we source in Wicklow we make a range of sausages of exceptional quality.
We do cocktail, breakfast, jumbo and longboat sizes and flavours such as traditional pork, pork & leek, chorizo and stout.

While smoking is usually associated with bacon such as smoked gammon and smoked rashers, we at McLoughlins have added complexity to standard pork products by cold smoking racks of Pork, T-Bone Pork chops and bellies. We also cold smoke beef cheeks, ox tongues and my favourite has to be beautiful fatty striploins of beef … wow!!

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