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All of the birds which we stock are 100% Irish! Our main supply of chickens come from Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo and from Cootehill, Co. Cavan.

About Our Poultry

These chickens are reared on small farms in the surrounding countryside. They are fed on grain that is grown on neighbouring farms. They are processed and transported by people who live in the area. This is local food at it’s best.

We are also very proud to say that we stock Bertram Salters Free Range chicken from Co. Carlow.

These birds are delivered daily to ensure the freshest product for our customers.

Know Your Cuts

Poultry illustration showing cuts of meat

Click on each heading below to read more about each cut of meat

Breast is usually sold on the bone with the wing attached as a single portion. It can be stuffed or crumbed and roasted.

This is the double breast of the chicken without the legs. Depending on the size of the chicken it is enough for 2 – 4 people.

It is usually great value and can make a great meal. It is just as tender as the breast and can be roasted or cooked in a casserole.

Drumstick is half of the leg. It makes lovely party food when marinated and roasted.

This is the other half of the leg and is a very flavoursome piece of meat. It is sometimes sold boned and stuffed.

A great family meal that tends to be relatively cheap. Ask your butcher to push the legs from their sockets. This flattens them in the roasting tray and they will get nice and crispy when cooked. Stuff the inside ,with a herby bread stuffing, or for the adventurous try Jamie Oliver’s chicken cooked in/on a can of beer!!

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