McLoughlin Butchers announces partnership with Achill Mountain Lamb as premium lamb supplier



We are truly delighted to announce that McLoughlin Butchers have formed a  partnership with Achill Mountain Lamb and we are now their supplier to the Dublin market.

Both businesses have strong family legacies and have built their businesses over the last 50 years. The new partnership will see us add Achill Mountain Lamb to our list of products for trade customers.

What is a rare quality in the meat market today, all Achill Mountain Lamb is bred, raised and butchered in Achill and is 100% traceable from the Calvey family’s own farm, abattoir and butchers. Calveys flock of sheep and rams are 100% genuine purebred Mayo Blackface Mountain breed.
The sheep have grazed freely on thousands of hectares of open Achill landscape and on part of the Wild Atlantic Way where the sea mist lingers. They feed entirely on a natural diet of mother’s milk, the natural forage of heathers, wild grasses and herbs. In short, the genuine flavour of Achill and the Wild Atlantic Way
This results in a high quality lean carcases, healthy pinky red in colour, with a firm, deep texture and a very light skim of yellowish fat (more flavour than white) with marbling throughout, ensuring a unique, delicate and succulent flavour when cooked.
Read what John McKenna has to say about AML:

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