Himalayan Salt Aged Beef

Peter Hannans Himalayan Salt Aged Beef has won 30 Great Taste Awards alone in the past year.

We are proud to have been choosen to carry Peters unique beef for supply to restaurants in the South of Ireland.

Himalayan Salt Aged Beef

This beef is quite unique in that it is dry aged for 30 days in a cold chamber that is lined with blocks of Himalayan Rock Salt.

The blocks of pink salt that make up the walls of the chamber draw the moisture out of the air ensuring that the meat can mature in the chamber for a long period of time without ‘’spoiling’’ the meat.


We can arrange delivery of this product to any where in the country

The result has a deep flavour, a wonderful juicy succulence and is amazingly tender. vIt has won gold medals in the Taste Awards in Britain for the last number of years


We’ll let Peter Hannan the producer of this fabulous beef do the talking!