How to cook Spiced Beef

Spiced Beef is a Christmas favorite traditionally eaten in Cork, however it has grown in popularity around the country with thanks to the likes of Darina Allen.

People are often unsure of what exactly is spiced beef and what kind of spice it is. Generally it is the eye of the silverside of beef which has been salted (corned) and then rolled in a mixture of spices.

Each butcher and chef have their own blend of spices however in general  ground cloves, allspice, cinnamon and black pepper make up the majority of the mix giving the meat a fabulous flavor and smell of Christmas.

This year in the RDS we got an incredible response to our beef and numerous enquires about how to cook the meat … so here are our step by step instructions for any pre spiced beef!

Spiced Beef


  • Spiced Beef
  • Pot of cold water
  • Large Saucepan


  • For this recipe I am presuming that you have bought a pre-spiced piece of beef so you do not need to blend your own spices for a rub or cooking liquid
  • First weigh your piece of meat
  • Place the meat in the pot of cold water and bring to a simmer
  • Give the meat 25min to the pound and then another 25min over
  • If you work in kilo give the meat 55min to the kilo
  • It is vital that the water is at a simmer … otherwise the meat will be tough!
  • Make sure that the meat is covered in water at all times
  • To test weather the meat is cooked, take the meat out and insert a sharp knife into the middle to the meat if any juices come out put the meat back in for another 15 min and test again
  • When no juices run out of the meat it is ready …
  • Take out the meat and let it rest for 5min
  • Lovely eaten warm or even better thinly sliced and cold!

If you have any questions … please do not hesitate to Ask The Butcher and we will get back to you as soon as possible !


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