The Team

After 50 years it is the McLoughlins strong and friendly team which keeps the business fresh faced!

Between our two locations in West Dublin, we have a team of 25 loyal and hardworking staff. Our team is comprised of five different nationalities and six of us are second generation butchers.

With an average working life of 20 years at McLoughlins, the skill and expertise of the team is next to none and is clear that we are a group of people who all genuinely love what we do and strive for the best.


Business owner and master butcher … he can be found in the factory hand selecting cacaress, cutting steaks and solving chefs problems!


Is involved in all aspects of the business … overseeing orders, product development, marketing and ensuring things run as smoothly as possible

Rory and the Lads

Rory and Fergie and the rest of the lads in the shop have been helping customers in Ballyfermot decide what to have for dinner for decades .. Top class service delivered with a cheeky smile!

Deli Girls

Don’t feel like cooking? … The Deli Girls are always on hand to help you out, whether it be Beautifully Cooked Roast Beef, salad or lunch … you’re in good hands … and they can also fill you in on all the gossip too!


Small goods specialist … Ava is from a family of butchers in Poland and is our resident sausage maker. Whether it be cooked hams or lamb koftas or a unique sausage, you name it,she is the woman for the job!


Chief of Accounts and organiser extraordinaire! Without her we’d be in darkness … literally


The newest addition to our team our Salesman Hugh … you will find him knocking on doors almost anywhere in Dublin!

Factory Lads

These lads work with meat like no one else. They break and butcher beef, lamb and pork seamlessly making it look so easy … craft butchering at its best!