Our Story

It all started back in the late 1940s when a man called Joe McLoughlin was working in a butcher shop in county Laois. One day while scanning old Australian newspapers left into the shop by a customer, the young butchers eye was taken by articles of Australia and all the job opportunities in it’s booming economy.

 So with out much delay he and his newly wed wife set off for Australia. There Joe saw butchering in a way which was new to Ireland. He was enthused by techniques and recipes which he learned. With a young family Joe and his wife decided to move back to Ireland and in 1965 McLoughlins was founded in its current location in Ballyfermot. Over the years we have feed generations of Ballyer kids from our shop and still do to this day.



In 2007, McLoughlins moved its wholesale operation to a local factory. In its new location McLoughlins could avail of much needed space to supply the shop and wholesale from one location. There with ample space a custom built dry aging room was built and a small goods room for sausages, burgers and pudding. The following year McLoughlins built and EU approved cooking facility in the factory to facilitate the growing demand for cooked meat in the business. At McLoughlins we strive to maintain and grow our business each day … this would not be possible without the help of our team.